Someturva is the first 24/7 service that protects you against the daily dangers of social media and helps when you encounter problems.

We protect you on social media.

5 years
of helping schools and organizations
300.000 persons protected
by our solutions
3000+ cases
solved for our users

Unexpected incidents

Online harassment doesn't wait for the right moment. You can get help from us in any difficult situation that occurs on social media.

  • Bullying

  • Stalking

  • Spreading rumors

  • Sexual harassment

  • Spreading intimate pictures

  • Fake profiles

  • Hate speech

59% of social media users
have experienced online harassment
7-75 year old users
are using our services
57% of the cases are crimes
according to our experts

We protect your community

Workand professional organizations

The expert service of Someturva protects your employees and minimizes the risks of online harassment in your work community.

Schoolsand learning communities

With the help of Someturva, children, young people and professionals get low-threshold expert help for cyberbullying and online harassment.

Our customers

Someturva Annual Report 2022: Crime against children and youth on social media

Fill in the form and download Someturva's Annual Report 2022, where we open up our perspective on the harassment children and youth experience on social media (the report is in Finnish).

EU report cover

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Kaisa Rissanen
Head of Legal and Operations

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This is how Someturva works!

Ask for help when something bad happens.

You can report unpleasant social media situations to us anonymously 24/7. Thanks to our interactive application, it’s easy for anyone to tell us about the situation and its details.

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schoolchildren and professionals protected

The Finnish City of Vantaa joins the top municipalities for online safety

Someturva in media


Espoo schoolchildren given access to service to avoid online bullying and harassment

Frequently asked questions and answers

Here you can find answers to our frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer below, you can read more questions and answers fromsupport (in Finnish and Swedish).

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